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We offer plastic granules in all sorts, amounts and packages. Varying from commodity to technical plastics, and from silo to 25 kg bags. We work flexible, reliable and fast.

Flexible approach

Besides prime lots, we also offer framework contracts and import of materials. Our flexibility allows us to discuss the best possible collaborations for both parties. Feel free to contact us to discuss possibilities, without any obligation.
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Our products

The principal polymers we focus on are polypropylene and ethylene. Please find below the range of our products:

PPhomo PBT
PPrandom SAN

On a regular basis, we offer highly qualitative near to prime products, economical off spec/off grade lots and high-grade recycled materials.

Widespec en greenspec

In addition to the standard range, we also offer a widespec and greenspec line. These products are specially compiled for our customers. Based on your specifications, we produce the grade that works optimally for you.
At our greenspec line we take it one step further. In an ever-polluted world, plastic is under severe attack. Re-use of plastic is the key to fewer waste. However in reality this is not always that easy. Recycled plastic is usually poorly sorted. As a result it is poorly processable in products that require better technical properties or that need to have a constant colour. We offer solutions for every plastic product that needs to last longer and requires homogenous recycled material. With upgraded recycled raw material we can supply green customization for your product. Now it is possible to convert your own greenspec or widespec. Our account managers are happy to help you.



In addition to materials wrapped per bag, at a surcharge we also offer the possibility to bulk products or to provide materials in big bags or octabins.

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